We all have biases. I am learning to recognize my own. What would it look like if it was common practice for authors and educators to provide a list of their potential biases to their readers/students?

These are a few factors that influence my thoughts and behaviors:

  • I am white.

  • I am female. 

  • I have lived in the South my entire life.

  • I was born in 1975.

  • I have never had to worry about being fed.

  • I do not have children. 

  • There was never any question that I would go to college.

  • My parents both had graduate degrees. 

  • I have two graduate degrees. 

  • I have always been considered middle class.

  • My profession is predominately female and white.

  • Faculty/staff and student populations at my university are predominantly white.

  • I am registered as an Independent voter but have voted Democrat in each Presidential election. 

I have much more work to do here. What are my biases specifically? How do they manifest in my teaching and other aspects of my work? What can I do to change them?


If you have not yet explored implicit or unconscious biases, here are some good resources to get you started: 

Image by Erwan Hesry