Terms I use that are partly made up but in a thoughtful way.

Information Ecosystem (see post)

I use “information ecosystem” to label the changing-every-second-of-the-day environment that facilitates our information consumption, creation, production, sharing, and storage.

Information Ignorance (see post)

I use “information ignorance” to characterize an individual’s inability or unwillingness to accurately classify information as fact, opinion, or biased; determine if a source confirms, challenges, or disputes their current viewpoints; and dismiss or report any information designed to mislead, incite hatred, reinforce tribalism, or cause physical harm.

Metaliteracy -- Coming sooner or later!

I do not think we (just generally speaking of humans here) appreciate each other enough or recognize how unique and impactful we can be. When I note that someone is a "rockstar" in this blog, it means that I appreciate their ideas and their bravery in sharing their ideas.