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Contemplative Pedagogy Interest Group: My Tribe!?!

Updated: Mar 24

Hello Interwebs,

It's been awhile. I have felt a little uninspired, disorganized, lost, unfocused, and yet still hopeful. I feel more white and more ignorant than I ever have. Recently, I reorganized my office for the 865th time in one year assuming it would magically change everything. I also pretended I was on a Zoom call with Don Lemon while he promoted his book for Library Journal. But best of all, and perhaps the only reassuring part of February, was finding my librarian tribe: the Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL) Contemplative Pedagogy Interest Group.

The group's charge: "To explore the concepts of contemplative pedagogy and mindfulness in librarianship through integrating contemplative modes and practices into library instruction and research life, identifying positive outcomes to this style of teaching, and designing library spaces and services that support reflection, interfaith meditation and prayer, mindfulness, and other contemplative practices."

Apparently there are monthly discussions and February's discussion topic was "Healing Information Disorder." I mean ?!?!?! That could not be more up my alley!

Description: "Misinformation and disinformation run rampant. “Post-truth” and “post-privacy” are no longer unimaginable concepts. Unprecedented levels of participation enrich our information ecosystem yet also muddy the waters. As information professionals, we are tasked with teaching how to navigate our shifting information landscape; as contemplative pedagogy practitioners, we have the opportunity to teach to heal. A short presentation will be followed by open discussion for academic librarians to share how we work to heal information disorder. What traditions and practices have helped? What guiding principles and texts support this healing? What kinds of support do we need as teachers? As people? Where do we go from here?"

There was a great presentation and then a discussion to follow and it warmed my icy heart to know that I am not alone in thinking about these very issues. I came away with additions to my "OMG, READ THIS!" list but more importantly a renewed hope that librarians are going to fix all this shit.

Love always,


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