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Hi Interwebs,

I am loving Rebekkah Smith's talk on "The Just Transition - How Libraries Can Help Build Community Resilience" for the NC LIVE Annual Conference today (

She mentions "Hopepunk" which is yet ANOTHER word/idea I have never heard of but love!

"Author and columnist Rebekkah Aldrich Smith (MLS, LEED AP), Executive Director at the Mid-Hudson Library System (NY), was the final keynote speaker at the ARSL. She shared the idea of “hopepunk,” coined on Tumblr in 2017 by fantasy author Alexandra Rowland, who wrote, “Hopepunk is the opposite of grimdark. Pass it on.” Grimdark is all the darkness in the world today. Hopepunk is an active, non-mainstream movement, and a lifestyle. Rebekkah offered the concept in the context of climate change and the role libraries can take to help teach sustainability and hope in the face of coming climate-related changes" (

Some of Rebekkah's work:

And I gots to get me one of these tote bags (in image below)! The shop that sells them is taking a break on Etsy so I will just have to get 100 new tote bags from other Etsy shops:

Just shared from amazing colleague Lisa Coats, some other things I might also have to purchase!

Love to all!


From the NC LIVE Presentation happening now with Rebekkah Smith!

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