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How Did I Not Know About These Things? International IL!

Updated: Jan 5

Dear Interwebs,

I am the first to admit that my knowledge of information literacy (IL) is very U.S. centric. Uggghhhhhh. But as I have been investigating metaliteracy I have finally started to get outside my bubble. Virtually of course, pandemic and all. There is so much great work being done and there are clearly dedicated, passionate people working on developing solutions to these challenges and that is inspiring and comforting. I have a lot to learn.

I am fairly certain my neighbors heard me squeal when I found the FREE (!) “Intercultural Perspectives on Information Literacy” conference (January 30, 2021) with Thomas Mackey and Trudi Jacobson as the keynote speakers! What?!?!? The daylong session will explore students’ experiences in taking the course “Intercultural Perspectives on Information Literacy.” Looking at the program, I am already geeked up.

Future post: I have been looking at the various definitions, frameworks, and models for IL beyond the Framework and noting what resonates for me as I am thinking about my specific context and goals. I am sure I am missing some and some are so similar to the Framework that I did not make many notes. But it will help me to write about those in what will surely be my most exciting post yet.

But before that, I *have* to note some of the super cool things going on in global library land that I stumbled across while looking for those definitions and models:

Should I ever become independently wealthy and we are not in a pandemic, I would love to attend:

I would also love to volunteer for these folks and/or jump in these think tanks:

Many thanks to Sheila Webber’s “Information Literacy Weblog” for steering me to some of the above!

Hugs, Anne

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