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Rockstar: Claire Wardle

Dear Interwebs,

"Facts Won't Fix This: Experts on How to Fight America's Disinformation Crisis" by Lois Beckett in the U.S. Edition of The Guardian (January 1, 2020) is so depressing but soooo interesting.

It features the work of Claire Wardle. Claire Wardle is a rockstar. Check out her TED Talk "How You Can Help Transform the Internet into a Place of Trust" and the work she and her bandmates are doing at FirstDraft ( So, so good.

The two paragraphs below from the Guardian article are important to take to heart as a librarian and speak to the idea of needing to use click restraint and mindfulness.

"'We have an emotional relationship to information. It is not rational,' Wardle said. But people who work in the 'quality information space', Wardle’s term for journalists, scientists, researchers and factcheckers, still often act as if information-processing were fundamentally rational, rather than deeply tied to feelings and the way a person expresses their identity.

It’s crucial to understand that the way people process information is through entire narratives, not individual facts, Wardle said. Trying to combat disinformation through factchecking or debunking individual false claims just turns into an endless, fruitless game of 'whack-a-mole'."



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