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Three Wise Women

Hello Interwebs,

I have had the pleasure of listening to three great talks in the last two days from some seriously wise women.

On Monday, Karen Ragonnaden spoke to faculty on "Mindful Teaching and Learning: Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Practice" for Mindful UNCW. One of the many takeaways for me was to approach difficult conversations with "calm receptivity."

Today, as a keynote speaker for the first day of the Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL) Conference, Tressie McMillan Cottom [crushed it!] had me thinking about "pragmatic hope" among many other things. In speaking about ethics in relation to information, she asked, "Whose ethic has reigned supreme?" Also, how am I not familiar with "Indigenous data sovereignty" at this point?

Tonight, Rhonda Magee spoke about "Deepening the Work of Liberation for All: Reflections on the Inner Work of Racial Justice" for Mindful UNCW. In a brief mindfulness practice she encouraged us to ask ourselves, "What is well within us?" What an idea! I often focus so much on what is *wrong* with me that it never occurs to me to appreciate what is well.

Calm receptivity.

Pragmatic hope.

What is well within us?

Bad ass.



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